Recent & Selected Sermons

The Time of Loaves and Fishes

What do we do when all those people we invite actually show up?

Time in a Bottle

Make the most of your time. When we see time as the gift that it is, we see it less as an adversary and more as a friend.

The Dailiness of Bread

Perhaps daily bread also means that we actually treasure this holy hunger for God, and delight in the fact that it’s a promise renewed, each and every day. August 5, 2018.

Bathsheba & Stories Left Untold

The story of Bathsheba and David is a difficult one, and doesn’t get any easier the closer we look. But if we can listen more closely to the stories that don’t get told, we get a more complete picture of the kingdom of God. July 29, 2018.

Reclaiming Weakness

Weakness means coming out from our hiding places, behind the supposed strengths of this world, and trusting in the sufficiency of God’s grace. July 8, 2018.